Water Splashing Festival

The three-to-four-day Water Splashing Festival (also known as the Festival for Bathing the Buddha) is the most significant traditional festival for the Dai people in Jinghong, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture in southwest China's Yunnan Province falls during the New Year celebrations of the Dai Calendar.
Festival is filled of various behaviors - dragon-boat races, dance, song, parades, the launching of rockets and the flying of Kongming lanterns, but the water is essential for every one.
For the period of the first two days of the celebration, a dragon boat race is under arrest to blare out the old year and to ring in the new. The third day, the culmination of the festival, is kept back for water splashing. The ceremony is supplementary good-natured enjoyment. It also contains a religious part: water is regarded by the Dai as a sign, firstly, of spiritual purity, but furthermore of care with people. Splashing a fellow individual with water for the duration of the Water Splashing Festival, whether a close neighbor or a member villager, or even a visitor, is an expression of the aspiration for excellent fortune and wealth to that personality.
The Water Splashing festival is the time when everybody splashes water at each other. This isn't to stay fresh, nor is it about cleanliness. There was a mythical motive for it. Over time, the ritual became a great method to send away the old year and joyfully accept the new.

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